Monday, June 29, 2015

Chickens and Goats

Movement in the barnyard
Under that storm-green sky
To anything but the grass
Anything but the grain

Are we playing Hide and Go Seek?
Again, little muse?
I feel you in my sore wrist.
Are you sitting on my shoulder?
And there you are...

Sitting by fence post
Barbed wire, your canopy,
Twiddling your thumbs, some string
Or just words?
There. Your brown head bobs again.

No, it's just a goat among the chickens.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015


Your blotchy skin is mine.
So is your small form curled against me for a lullaby.
"I wonder when..."

You have my heart of strong bricks.
My love for you as tender as the skin grafts on your forearm.
Inextricably intertwined, are we.

My willow girl,
Bending and thin, swishing with the wind
There is something right between us.

I am never more worthy
Your eyes know me, hold me, and I won you with a quarter.
Your sap feeds my heart.

You give and you give
You break down walls to breathe the fresh air
You are cloud-stepping, full-hearted

Sister to my soul
Sister of my body
Daughter of my heart