Monday, October 21, 2013

We're One but We're not the Same

Strange how our hands meet
Unison lines but different at the tips
(Mine smoothed over, yours stress-eaten)
Even our names are echoes
We each wed a mirror of thought, purpose, faith
We leapt at the same moment
Performed the graceful dive
With perfect symmetry.
Currents caught us.
You twisted in a whirlpool
I was thrust away from the shore.
Before I lose sight of you,
I point to a light streaming over the tumult
"Swim there!" I cry
My arms will burn from the effort
My heart will scream
My hands will meet yours at that lighthouse.

Title taken from the lyrics of "One" by U2

Monday, October 7, 2013



I exist
In the creases of his grey pants
In the tiny half-moon clippings at rest in the blue garbage can

I exist
In the needle eyes staring everywhere
In the hung frames of faces from the familial sphere

I exist
In the smooth spots worn into a keyboard
In the rough skin of my barefoot self

I exist
In the forgotten light, the forgotten dishes
In the bubbling of yeast and the melting of chocolate

I exist
In the pages I have turned
In the words I have read and written

I exist
In flesh and blood memories
In the holy water of an eternal mind