Sunday, September 8, 2013

There are Times

There are times
When the soul
Settles, drifts into the depths
The colored like the impenetrable blues
Of an oceanic trench.

There is nothing to buoy it up
Pursuits seem empty
Things accomplished
Hollow victories.

I can see the light shimmering on the surface
There is hope to be seen
All is not lost.
For now though, nothing propels me upward
Even the tides have no power to press me back and forth.


  1. Your metaphor is very subtle but felt throughout in your words: 'oceanic trench', 'buoy' and the reference to the surface and tides. I trust that hope will not be drowned.

  2. This depicts how I've been feeling lately, great imagery, love the oceanic trench.

  3. I have felt this way of late...I seem to be adrift.

  4. depth is indicated, yet hope sighted, a happy balance for the moment i think, have a nice Monday, move closer and closer to the surface to the light

    much love...

  5. If not ahead then , remaining where you are is better than falling back.... Lovely ... I loved the ending....

  6. There is a feeling of resignation and defeat in this. Are you OK?

  7. Yes, been there--often there is nothing to do but wait in life, for things to pass, for things to come, to know ourselves--there is sadness here, but also wisdom.

  8. I'm in a great place. This is from the archives. :)

  9. Goodness this is heavy with emotional angst ~ I'm happy to read this is one from the archives ~ Wishing you happy week ~