Monday, October 21, 2013

We're One but We're not the Same

Strange how our hands meet
Unison lines but different at the tips
(Mine smoothed over, yours stress-eaten)
Even our names are echoes
We each wed a mirror of thought, purpose, faith
We leapt at the same moment
Performed the graceful dive
With perfect symmetry.
Currents caught us.
You twisted in a whirlpool
I was thrust away from the shore.
Before I lose sight of you,
I point to a light streaming over the tumult
"Swim there!" I cry
My arms will burn from the effort
My heart will scream
My hands will meet yours at that lighthouse.

Title taken from the lyrics of "One" by U2


  1. Wow, I love this. The struggle and emotion within it.

  2. We each wed a mirror of thought...
    This is an interesting concept for me: do we choose partners who mirror ourselves, or who see the world with similar visions? Your poem has raised several thoughts for me to mull on.

  3. Holding on to the thought of individuality seems to get harder as I get older. I would love to think that somehow I standout in some kind of silhouette against the background of humanity, but as time wears on, I am happy to just watch other individuals eeking out there cosmic niche. I really liked this....oh and you stole my background!!!!! LOL...just kidding, we can share, it tastes better when you share!

  4. ... 'swim there, I cry' ~~~ certainly worth the effort. Lovely poem, lovely.

  5. The end is such a relief... beautiful, emotional poem.

  6. wonderful poem that makes us look a little deeper into relationships...

  7. Kerry,
    I did think I'd married someone so similar to myself but we continue to evolve in our own spheres of experience and sometimes I don't recognize 'us'.

  8. Great thoughts that leave one with lingering thoughts on how best to relate! Adjustments seem in order! Nicely cosmos!


  9. This mirrors the struggle of any couple, the give and take, the realization that they are not the same (loved the "stress-eaten fingers," since I used to bite my nails). Any tumult could be those waters, and I'm glad they had a happy outcome. Not all are so lucky, right? Thanks for linking at Real Toads, Cosi! Amy

  10. makes me think, we may dive in at the same time, but the rip tides will carry us separately. evocative pen ~

  11. We each wed a mirror of thought...

    And like recognises like...

  12. gosh i love the description of fingertips here. very moving.

  13. We may follow the same path, but in different shoes....This gave me much to contemplate. Great write!