Friday, March 14, 2014

I'm Nobody

I'm nobody. Who are you?
Are you - Nobody - too?
                         -Emily Dickinson

Fame is for what we are programmed.
Fame is what counts.
What are you doing for that Name: Fame?
Is that all you can make of a human?

You haven't seen me for years.
You ask what I've done to gain
Fame and importance
Fame is for what we are programmed.

I've been wiping noses and tears
My gifts fill my kitchen,
Fill lines with alphabetic characters, but
Fame is what counts

I have sought small ways to put myself
Up in the sky,
That twisted thorn path is a long one
What are you doing for that Name: Fame?

I have swept those cobwebs from my mind
I follow my own way,
Never with a map.
Isn't that all you can make of a human?

We're all about Frozen at our house, too, and my girl is counting down the days 'til the 18th.

I chose to write about the seduction of fame and how, though it was a path that I could have pursued, I ended up getting everything I wished for because I "let it go." I have to let it go with nearly every new avenue I come upon, not because seeking fame is not interesting, but because it is not the best that life has to offer for me.

I used a cascade form where the lines from the first stanza are repeated in the stanzas following.


  1. Not easy to let go one's ambition or put it on hold to raise children, but there is no better task when it's done right and we're all famous in our children's eyes, I believe.

  2. Fame can be over-rated but is quite the seductress. Beautiful write.

  3. Some of us are just meant to be stars in the eyes of our children!

  4. this was a really thought-provoking write. sort of reminds me not to compare myself to another, as we all have our own stars we wish upon.

    who needs the superficial face of fame when one has good books, poetry, a friend, some family...

    stacy lynn mar

  5. Mom always said, when asked if she'd like to be rich and famous - "Nah. just rich. Famous people get bugged too much." She is neither - but well loved :) ~

  6. love it, and you are emblazoned across the sky, Cosmos Cami :)

  7. loved this..great theme and well written...

  8. Follow your own way,never with a map ~ I like that part best ~ And fame is over-rated ~

  9. You certainly reaped the greater blessing from letting go

  10. Let it go, C.C. Very nicely written thoughts here. Some people get to be fairly well known without trying to be famous. I find that "you can't hide" if you teach.

  11. I have just read all your poems preceding this one. I like the way you speak clear and simply of beauty, life and pain.

    Thanks for allowing me to read.