Friday, September 12, 2014


Your wide brown eyes shatter behind the crystal
Refracting purple and bright
Dimensions grow slowly inside you
It is in the dark and in the stillness
And you won't let me in.

Sometimes, in the sunlight,
Color comes out in the filaments of your hair
I get a glimpse through your joy
I can see through the dance
When you think that I'm not looking.

Clock hands sweep in arcs
Your shoes don't fit
Your voice holds tones I haven't heard
The heart in your chest, oh that heart
Is a hidden cache.

Dangle the key before my eyes
I won't flinch when the prism
Bends the light to hit me full in the face.
Show me the key hole. Turn the key
To the treasure you are.


  1. What an achingly tender portrait! Each stanza is beautifully constructed, with a richly textured language.

  2. "Sometimes, in the sunlight,
    Color comes out in the filaments of your hair"
    I love that line... the whole thing is just lovely.

  3. I think this is how it feels to adorn someone who is out of your reach.. there is a pain in the glittering beauty here..

  4. The heart as a hidden cache. Many lovely images in this poem.

  5. This is really beautifully done. I particularly like the fourth stanza.

  6. I love the ending, the turn of the prism to the keyhole full of light ~ Beautifully written ~

  7. So beautiful in its aching. Love everything about this.