Wednesday, May 27, 2015

How Can I Get to Where You Are?

It was late.
 It was night.
I glided on a car made of skateboard wheels and twine.
 Street lights twinkle like faraway stars,
But the road below me shone black as an underground pool.
Passing lights overwhelmed my sight
and the black of the road left me blind.
 I reached out for the painted lines that curved and swayed the road.
I could only trust my fingertips to steady me on this sooty path.
Gravity pulled me toward my destination.



My descent grew steeper.
I called for you, fear pitching my voice higher.

Hear me.
Help me.
Stop me.

My eyes are plucked out.
The surface is too slick.
Night's maw is open.
I fall and she smacks her lips.


  1. I like the layers in this.. the basic narrative has added little hooks that make it into a metaphor or an elegy.. the smacking of those lips really unsettled me in a good way,

  2. dark piece - I really dig this line: "I glided on a car made of skateboard wheels and twine" - no stock imagery here!

  3. This depicts really well a child's sense of drama. Thanks. K.

  4. You take us deep into the primal fear of the dark and unknown places. Chilling.

  5. This reminded me of my younger years, when my boyfriend would skateboard over to my house and then have to get home in the dark!

  6. Every bit as scary as the Monster that lurks under the bed, ready to grab the last leg off the floor! LOL

  7. You conjured and Alice-in-Wonderland-like world here, and quite effectively.

  8. Gravity pulling you toward something, but it is dark and you can't see. Chilling.