Thursday, December 17, 2015

Untitled (1975-1998)

There was a softness in the curves of your face
Nose lips chin brow
Even that impish smirk
Softened the blow of your insular soul.
Did I even know you at all?

In knew, intimately, your car's contents1993
Primus Chili Peppers Nirvana
Listened to murmurings
Against the girl attached like Velcro
To your grungeflannel shirt.

My mother's voice sounded the knell
Shot Toby dad dead 
I don't remember our last
I remember sitting by the sink, knowing this.

There are things you'll never know
Hashtags downloads smart phones
That would have made you laugh.
Such a soft laugh, that held secrets
Drawing my mouth into a smile.


  1. I is hard to broach the future knowing a loved one has been left behind. I really appreciate the sensitivity of this piece, a love which has not forgotten the humour even in the face of sorrow.

  2. sometime reflection brings about memory of loss and loss brings about reflection but in both it is our makeup.

    gracias for sharing. have a 'holiday' filled with 'enough'

  3. Tough one to write..nicely done.

  4. This is so touching... some of the images I see myself, the music of 1993.. but there are those that never got to see today... (and to some extent we see how mundane a smart-phone can be)

  5. Very beautiful and touching. The sense of a period of time gone by and sadness for what can never be comes through.

  6. oh this is so powerful, and it all lies in the precision, the details - the curves of a face, the contents of a car... this little time capsule of remembrance, set outside of the world as is now, and yet fixed and recallable. Such is memory. a great write