Saturday, February 15, 2014

A Complaint

A Complaint

Oh, Atlas
We must have a conversation

You hunch there, tensed and groaning.

Why do you hold it up, I wonder,
After all these centuries past?

The weight, you say, is greater
Than last year

I see, I reply

And the year before, you murmur to your toes

I stretch, close to touching the globe and ask, Then why lend your strength to its support?

It is my lot. Your God is putting the pressure on.

Not so, I say,
He has not changed.


  1. This is very clever. And imparts a great message. Loved it!

  2. I'd love to see more chapters. This whets my appetite, this conversation, the narrator aside from Atlas - who is s/he? How did she arrive there? Very cool ~

  3. God hasn't changed. I like!! But the earth hasn't changed its weight either, at least not beyond a smidgeon from cosmic dust and visitors.
    Thank you for the anniversary salute.

  4. Must be why I get heavier every year. It's not heaven's job! Great little poem. - Brendan

  5. so happy to come across your blog. you write beautifully. the last few lines in this poem are just breathtaking. love it!

    stacy lynn mar