Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I am quite in love with the sun today
It shatters the iceberg's surface into diamond
And slicks it with sweat.
The heat gets to the core of me
Bubbles, small like frog spawn, form inside this vessel
Of flesh.
Reminding me that life is coming
That life is in me.

The clouds ripple across the sky
Diaphanous, lucent fabric
Wrap me, cradle me
Remove my blindness by igniting my heart
Fine hairs rise on my arms
The electricity of brilliance,
Of organic, enlightened intelligence
Reminding me that life is coming
That life is all around.


  1. Wonderful.....I especially love the closing lines. "life is all around." Beautiful!

  2. Life and love are all around, beautiful write.

  3. so nice! from the first line, i am really taken by this.

  4. This is a brilliant piece - so full of light and hope.

  5. I feel every ounce of energy .. glitter .. you packed into this! ��

  6. Beautiful, I especially love your opening....I never thought about the sun melting ice and slicking it with sweat..perfect description. Thanks for your kind words for my daughter and for taking part in the challenge. Please forgive me for being so slow in responding.