Friday, May 9, 2014

I Grow my Own Fruit

No one teaches me.
I teach myself.
That stumble is knowledge.
This cut is wisdom.
I took the poison and spit out light.

There is so much fullness.
I cup my hands over my swelling heart.
There are ropes threading through me,
Around me, the center of my beauty cinched
To contain the swarm of chaos color.

I cup the fruit in my hands.
I bite into the heart.
This is the antidote
And a thousand tiny whispers inside.
I know my own mind.

inspired by the paintings of Seraphine Louis.


  1. "I took the poison and spit out light" (!!!!) I can't tell you how much I love that line, or the marvelous way you've written to the challenge. You've gotten right inside her with this. Wonderful wonderful writing.

  2. you have painted the artist with poignant color...

  3. This is brilliant, especially the line Shay noted. Wowzers! Fantastic response to the prompt.

  4. In with poison and out with light! Your lines shine brilliantly!
    "I cup the fruit in my hands.
    I bite into the heart.
    This is the antidote ... "
    self-knowledge, grace, art.

  5. I will simply say ... this is amazing.

  6. This is such a beautiful capture of the artist...amazing piece!

  7. This is wonderful! You have really captured the spirit behind the artist.

  8. I had the same quote as Fireblossom highlighted--an excellent way of putting it, vivid, and very much the impression her paintings give. It's tragic to me how many creative and truly gifted people lose their way in the place where it all comes from. But not this poem--it is a clean path straight through from inspiration to inception to execution..

  9. This is an excellent response to the prompt, and aside from knowing where the idea stems from, I would say it holds its own without the reference. You have delved into the mysteries of selfhood, creativity and sanity with a sparse pen and cutting image.

  10. A thousand tiny whispers inside...I hear them, too. Well done!

  11. I am overwhelmed by this response! Thank you, everyone, for your kind thoughts and compliments. You've made my weekend.

  12. I could not find your email.

    After much deliberation I was on my way to alter or delete that last stanza since it was rather bold and brassy...and far from what I usually write. I believe I may have cast myself too willingly into the role of crazy.

    Thank you.

  13. "I took the poison and spit out light." and the "cinched" line is just as exquisite. I am truly wowed - I bet you would adore the movie.

  14. I'll pick the same line, but I also am struck by how you've ended this piece - strongly, as though, even in madness, she *knew*. powerful ~