Friday, June 20, 2014

Life Changer

Transport me
from this dirty garage to
fields with low-flung fog.
My back aches anyway.
Might as well be slogging
Through a rice paddy.

Change up
my mundane tasks
for another's.
I could wear the wide straw hat.
She could lug my purse,
filled with lipstick and Legos, around.


  1. What an interesting juxtaposition you have offered in this poem - seems a woman's work is bound to be back-breaking, wherever she may be found on the planet.

  2. humm! this is quite interesting

    much love...

  3. oh!!! i sooo wantt to go on a vacation!! O_o

  4. I love the juxtaposition as well...excellent read and I love the projecting of oneself into another's reality. Interesting...last night I dreamed I was harvesting rice in someone else's rice paddies...there were explosions on the horizon and all the birds were flying away together in away from the fire...any way ;) your poem caused me to remember...thank you and thanks as well for joining your creativity into the challenge today!!

  5. Every word, girl. This is my favorite of all the poems for Hannah's challenge.

  6. This reminds me of the old saying (okay, perhaps not that old) suggesting that straight-haired girls want curls and curly-haired girls want straight locks. It seems no one is quite happy on their given spot. Maybe we should start using blow driers, curlers, carrying our LEGOS in roller bags, gardening a bit... and bare our teeth at any one expecting us to do everything.

    Really liked this.

  7. Oh, so imaginatively written!

  8. Ha, this made me smile......I'd love to trade my purse and tasks for a visit to a rice paddy. As long as I could come back!

  9. i like the conversational tone of your poems. 'My back hurts anyway.'