Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Long ago, in a galaxy...

I believe in the force.
I believe in black-and-white.
Humans revel in the solid line
While needing the freedom
To make their own smudges.
It comes as little surprise
That more than 57,000 New Zealanders
List their religion as that of Jedi.
I have two padowans of my own
And one princess.
As I sit in this parking lot,
Composing these thoughts,
A man has put a sun shield in his car window.
Life is full of irony and
full of the forces of good and evil.
That sun shield is screened with the faces
Of one wookie, Carrie (buns intact),
Sir Alec and Han Solo, himself.
I know the force is real.


  1. This made me smile. Yes, life is packed with irony...may the force be with you

  2. ROFL. And a magnificent poem it is. I can see that human folly is real, indeed. BTW, this might work over at PU where half the prompt is for World UFO day which is today.

  3. Sometimes life gives us these odd little coincidences! The force is strong in this one!

  4. How awesome!! I love the serendipity...yes, very real!!

  5. Oh, this is clever and yes, made me smile all the way through as well. Of course the force is real :)

  6. And after The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, there shall be Middle Earthers, too.

    LOVE this!

  7. "I have two padowans myself and one princess...." that crux there, inverts this piece nicely. So clever and well done! Thanks for posting to the out of standard and Viva la

  8. So many great Star Wars allusions here. (Loved "Buns intact"!) Also, glad you did not mix and match Capt. Kirk and The Elf King with your George Lucas. Then the real-life sunscreen with pix on it. Gaggle of contradictions, and all of them hilarious! Thanks so much. Amy

  9. I learned about the Enzi's religion, the Jedi people. But I still don't know much about it. We were there a year ago January and did see a tribal performance and were kissed on the forehead. I may have missed the part about it being religion, more they touted it as native tradition.

  10. a lot of Jedi followers in Australia too. typical of this area's humour. love the poem, so lively and engaging