Monday, December 15, 2014

After Brief Parting

They slip easily into familiar patterns
Of complaint, of petition and casual affection.
I am still aching empty.
Fill me with your strongest grasp
Affirm that I didn't lose my place
In line when I stepped out of your sight.

When we fall into familiar patterns
(I sit here, you lean there)
When we read or play or eat
I am not fully convinced that I belong.
Then you give a secret and dime's worth
Of your sparking, wild hopes--

I see that your home is at my center.
With you, I am complete.
Your echoing faces hint at your relief
That nothing changes when we wave good-bye.
We belong together and your hands fit in mine.
Your hopes set off wildfire joy in me.


  1. falling into familiar patterns is comfortable and having those doubts allayed by a secret and dime's worth of hope is wonderful. I like this.

  2. There are those people where we fit together at once.. and like pieces of a puzzle we just fit together... I really like that.

  3. oh gosh, the sharing of a secret does imply deepening, doesn't it?
    this is lovely, Cami. xo

  4. It's such a beautiful thing when we find someone we truly fit with.

  5. There can be comfort in the familiar, complacence too...

  6. strongly written - familiar, but personal ~

  7. The line, "Affirm that I didn't lose my place In line when I stepped out of your sight" is a powerful, essential piece of this poem. I appreciate the directness of tone, the revealing monologue.