Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A Velveteen Châise Lounge Smashed on the Side of the Road

I draw my finger slowly through the dust
This is how I send through the message
I love to watch the small particles rearrange
Like metallic filaments moving with a magnet.


There is creation and there is decay
Forced upon us like the abandoned chair
On the side of a busy highway
I can see the broken luxury from my 50-mph glance.

There are days thick with starch
And I drink them down slow,
Love the weight flowing in my chest
I will it not to choke me.

Why are some days heavier than others?
What changed in the atmosphere
Or in the atomic weight of the metaphysical
That leaves me feeling like this?


  1. "I can see the broken luxury from my 50-mph glance"

    I really enjoy introspective writing such as this...when I can see the wheels turning in the poet's head!

  2. things are always changing… and we swallow, what's given or spit it out only to drink it in again, no matter the weight or lightness, this is life unfolding.

  3. "the broken luxury" really like that phrase

    have a nice Tuesday

    much love...

  4. Some great imagery "days thick with starch" true. A profound and lovely write Cosmos Cami! :-)

  5. Loved "There are days thick with starch and I drink them down slow...." A wonderful write. I loved it.

  6. The first verse could almost be a manifesto! :) I love it all. Intriguing!

  7. Beautiful imagery. I simply love the opening. What am I saying? I love the entire piece!!

  8. Nice!
    There was a broken-down wooden rocking chair by the side of the highway for a few days when I recently started a new job. It seemed like some kind of sign. :)

  9. this is a gorgeous piece, weighty, yet filled with light ~

  10. Deep thoughts, but its outside in. Brilliantly put!!