Monday, April 6, 2015

Nevada Stars

I climbed the wooden ladder
Lay on wooden beams
When I opened my eyes
A gasp caught in my throat.
Stars, so thick,
Like stew,
Were smeared across the sky.
I could taste them,
Seasoned with the desert air.
Nevada stars are closer,
Not to the Earth, but to each other.
Here they dance on the glistening ebony of the sky.
Kiss, flirt and spin away.
These stars stick in my mind's eye
If you want to see them too, avoid Sin City's neon glow
And take Hwy 95 to the middle of nowhere
Then turn at the bend.
You'll know you've made it
when you can see them through your tears.


  1. This is so beautiful...!! Absolutely remarkable :D

  2. I love every bit of this and particularly the last line.

  3. I love the journey you took us on~

  4. What a view! Your words let me see into your sky.

  5. Gorgeous! This is the best kind of travelogue.

  6. Gorgeous! This is the best kind of travelogue.

  7. Thanks for the a soul searching place.

  8. I love the image of stars as thick as stew you can taste. There is nothing like the sight of stars away from our own light pollution.

  9. Oh! Cami, wonderful. I feel like I can see this, there, with you!

  10. 'Stars, so thick,
    Like stew,..' that is perfect! I grew up where stars were invisible, now I have that stew and it is beyond nourishing--this is delightful, with a killer last line.

  11. oh man, "like stew". i love that, and the whole ~