Friday, April 24, 2015

Two Sisters

Two sisters
Daily chores
Work to do

A small request
A tiny sip
Of water from the spring

Younger girl
Yes, of course
Diamonds from her lips

Older child, refused
Had only vipers
She could spit

In the looking glass
Haunted by the tale
Which sister do I see?

The Fairies by Charles Perrault http:/
is great tale that rewards compassion. This is my wish for myself. This link is a short retell if and worth the visit.
The moral is retold in two different versions by author Robert D San Souci in The Talking Eggs

The Well at the End of the World. 


  1. This is so enchanting.... two sisters are seldom the same... loved the imagery in this magical piece.. and the last line raising the burning question is the added charm..!

    Loved it!

  2. I remember this tale and love your take on it.

  3. I'm afraid it would depend on my mood which reflection I'd see. Great piece!

  4. Bravo! I love your ending~ The fortune of reversal...yes, depends on the day and the mood~

  5. I love this, and wonder very much which sister.......

  6. Ah, you've tapped into something very deep here. This is simply and beautifully written, kudos.

  7. Very clever! When we read fairy tales it is natural to identify with the pretty sister, when in reality the opposite might be true.

  8. Great contrasts here between diamonds on lips versus spitting vipers!